Wedding In Villa Cipressi

When it comes to Lake Como, we often speak of wonders. You might have read elsewhere in this site how I like to look for poetry in everyday life and shooting weddings offers me the chance to basically get immersed in it. The day Antonio and Elena got married, I really felt that sense of wonder filling the air. Antonio and Elena are researchers in Geneva and got back to Italy to celebrate their marriage and the baptism of their lovely Martina on the eastern shore of Lake Como, in Varenna.

The ceremony took place in a tiny, tiny chapel on top of Esino mountains, from where we had the chance to admire the majestic view of the ridge of Bellagio, where Lake Como splits in its famous two southern branches. The chapel is immersed in woods and it was so small and intimate that just the bride and groom and me (and Fabrizio, who helped me as second shooter) could access it, while the guests where sitting outside, listening to the celebration through the speakers.

There was a really peculiar atmosphere. The brighter mountain summer fresh light and the delicate, exquisite romantic mood of the lake late in the day. This last one couldn’t have been enjoyed most than in the venue of Villa Cipressi. Now, if you read some any other page of the site, like this one on Tuscany weddings, you might already know how cypresses are a constant, in my mind, when I think about beauty, poetry and art. Well, Villa Cipressi in Varenna is really a wonderful expression of that sense of sublime and romantic that I love so much. You can really smell the sense of antique, the musk on the ancient stones, while you walk down its lush gardens to reach the terraces which overlook the lake.

I really enjoyed all the love and the beauty of their day, I felt so much will and personality and love for each other in Elena and Antonio, that I couldn’t feel anything but grateful and happy to be a witness to their love and wish all the best to them and their beloved.

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