Wedding In Villa Balbianello

Weather on Italian Lakes can be tricky sometimes. You might be heading to Tremezzo, on Lake Como, while a pouring rain is washing the landscape, and few hours later find yourself in awe, looking at the clouds opening and scatter on the mountains like cotton balls. This is the most romantic mood I can imagine for a wedding or an elopement on Lake Como.

Giulia and Cristian started their journey in Tremezzo, in one of these rainy days. Villa Balbianello was their destination. After a quick boat tour, we landed on the little harbor which leads to the magnificent garden of the Villa, while the sky started to open up a bit. With Fabrizio, who seconded me during the day, we followed the paths to Loggia Durini, the stunning lodge overlooking the lake, and then down to Terrazzo Canfora, the well renowned terrace which has been featured in many movies and in basically every photoshoot taken in Villa Del Balbianello.

I have to say that I really was in awe. Giulia and Cristian were the nicest clients ever. I loved to capture Giulia’s delicate beauty and they made the most lovely match together. I’d be back there everyday, seriously. All the best the these two lovely souls.

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