American Jewish Wedding in Italy

I can’t deny that this wedding had been one of the most touching ever, to me. I had to wait some time, before publishing it, to be sure to be able to tell this story in the way it was felt.

Simon and Ludovica came to Italy to celebrate their wedding and had a very clear idea about what they wanted for their wedding: celebrating their love together with their guests, enjoying the party and having a lot of fun. So they asked for a pure documentary shot, which we loved to take: I had Fabrizio as second photographer and Andrea and Luca as videographers, helping me not to miss one moment of the day.

Of course, the mood of the Grand Hotel on Lake Maggiore brought in that tiny hint of romantic feeling, which I welcomed with pleasure. It rained the whole day and the jewish ceremony took place indoor. This part had been very touching and my eyes started watering really soon, while they exchanged their promises under the chuppah, together with their close friends Ruvym and Laura, the officiants.

It’s been my very first jewish wedding and I waiting till the end when, after signing the ketubah, Simon smashed the glass and everybody shouted mazel tov to the couple.

Soon after the cocktail, we had the first dance session, with the traditional hava nagila, and then the speeches, during the dinner, in a bunch of different languages, to address every guest, came from different parts of the world. And at this point we had cameras in one hand and kleenex in the other.
The night ended on the dance floor: outside was still raining, but I had my heart full of warmth.

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