Wedding in Villa Perego

Francesca and Andrea got married in a beautiful church of Corpus Domini in the center of Milan and then they moved to Inverigo, Como, to celebrate with their friends and relatives at the magic location of Villa Perego.

Their wedding day carried a very charming feeling and it’s easy to guess that they have both a really fine taste: Francesca’s dresses by Emé and style, which reminds a bit of Grace Kelly, Andrea’s sober attire… and the extremely romantic mood at the location.

But what enchanted me the most were the glances they threw to each other, just as they share the most beautiful secret, just as no matter what there’s around, as long as they can see each other, everything feels alright. Isn’t that True Love? ^^

A very special thanks to Anna Ambrosi, amazing photographer and constant inspiration, and to Oana, for her help as second photographer and for being such a lovely girl. ^^

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